About me

Welcome to my little space on the web. My name is Martin Straatman. I love to travel and that is what I do whenever I can. When I was 21 I travelled by myself for the first time and even since I have been addicted. It all started with trips that lasted only several days, then I travelled for several weeks in a row until I finally quit my job in the summer of 2016.

When I was asked about my future profession as a kid, I used to say that I wanted to be the new Colombus. Little did I know that my dream pretty much came true.

I always travel on a budget. As a rule of thumb: 20 euro per day for very cheap countries (mostly 3rd world countries), 25 euro for most Western countries. Expensive Western countries such as Scandinavia, UK, Middle East normally require a higher budget, but I normally don’t allow myself to spend more than 35 euro a day. This includes ALL costs of travel, except international transport to reach the destination. I value experiencing the vibe of a place much more than visiting paid attractions, so I normally have no problems to stick to my budget.

Travelling to countries I know little about is what I like the most. It gives me the feeling that I’m really exploring something instead of checking off a list of places where I’ve heard of many times before. I write about my experiences, what or who inspires me and I hope to inspire other people too by posting my stories from the road. And secretely I also hope that I can teach people a bit about places they may not even have heard of before.

Thanks for being here. Feel free to send me a message or say hi or follow me on my social media accounts.