Crashing A Wedding Party

Weddings seem to play an important role in the lives of the people in Central Asia. Cities in this region are mostly much smaller than the metropoles elsewhere in the world, but still I saw wedding ceremonies on a daily basis. On my second day in Kyrgyzstan I was spontenously invited by the family and friends of  newlyweds. Crashing a wedding party gave me  a nice insight in the local culture.
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Issyk Kul’s south shore

Once upon a time there was a traveller called Martin. He spent his summer travelling around Central Asia. At the end of a long trip, he decided to spend his final days in Central Asia around Kyrgyzstan’s Issyk Kul. Issyk Kul is a beautiful Alpine lake in Kyrgyzstan, surrounded by green mountain tops at an altitude of 1600 meter. Apart from chilling out at the countless cafes and the beach in Cholpon-Ata, he wanted to see some more. Therefore he went on a daytrip to the south shore to see the Fairytale Canyon. And more.Skazka Canyon

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